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Belief's Horizon Coming in October

“A Summering’s job is to make sure she has no regrets come Winter.”

Happen Fell is excited to finally Summer. On the mysterious, magical world of Grith, it’s everyone’s favorite life season. All he has to do is complete a fifteen-day journey to the big city trade fair.

Leaving his remote home for the first time, Happen’s quest leads him to a road on fire, a singing naiad, and a lightfeeder who loves cats. Facing his own fears and lack of sophistication, he struggles to find his way in a world so much more wonderful and treacherous than he ever imagined. It doesn’t get easier when he finds the world of Grith may not be alone.

The threat of the Lightfeeder Menace looms closer.

Almost no one on Grith believes the threat could be real. But what they don’t believe just might kill them.

It's Book One of the Lightfeeder Menace Series. If you're curious, you can check out chapter one here: Chapter One (PDF). Feel free to leave feedback on my Facebook page, or

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