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Here's What Review Sites are Saying about Belief's Horizon

Fantasy Book Review. FBR is home to reviews of over 2,000 fantasy books. Here's one of my favorite quotes from the review: "What I found so refreshing about Belief’s Horizon is that as the protagonist is confronted with seemingly crazy truths about his world he continually tries to make them fit into the mental models that he already has."

There Are Ink Spots on My Page (Belle). Belle is one of the judges for the SPFBO contest. Here's one of my favorite quotes from the review: "I also enjoyed all of the characters, and the deft way their backgrounds and personalities were worked into the story, especially as Happen is the only POV (and often a sceptical one at that)."

Here's What Readers are Saying about Belief's Horizon

"This is a beautifully written book. We have adult, teen, and advanced, middle school-aged readers in our home and it was refreshing to find a book that held the attention of everyone while remaining completely welcoming and safe for the younger ones. We are always on the lookout for books like this, so Belief's Horizon was a great addition to our library!

The sci-fi lovers found plenty of alien intrigue and intergalactic drama to hold their interest and the fantasy lovers enjoyed the rich, imaginative world building and interesting creatures. The author did a great job with the thematic elements, especially those related to the importance of stories and the challenges of growing up. The descriptions of the natural world are breathtaking. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series and hope Nora makes another appearance because even though she wasn't the main character, she's a favorite around here!"

Daisha (posted on Amazon, 11/10/18)

"A great first novel by I.W. Ferguson. An engaging read that suits anyone from YA to adult fantasy readers. There are a couple darker scenes in the novel, so I would hesitate to give this to a pre-teen or younger child.

While containing some familiar themes, I was happy to find many unexpected twists and turns in the plot. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series which I hope will explore the mysteries presented but not fully explained in this book."

Paul D. ( posted on Goodreads, 11/28/18)

Gabriel, Chris, and Tammy at Browsers Bookshop in Olympia.

"This is a good first book for a new author. I like the way the author doesn't dwell on the weirdness of people from other planets and that he doesn't spend a lot of time explaining animals that are not familiar. For instance, he gives a single reference that really brought to mind what a tull was. He said they flapped their long ears and I immediately thought of mules that pull carts. Granted that tulls are a lot bigger but it was an easy connection and explanation in a single sentence.

The story flows smoothly though is a bit long in the tooth in some places. I like how vividly he details the fair and the parades. Definitely a book that I would recommend if you are not looking for heavy duty scifi."

G. Huene (posted on Amazon, 01/15/19)

"The story begins with Happen Fell splitting firewood as light faded, but chores had to be finished. He lives in world with clever little collachin and magic that is drawn from deep underground. Yet Happen has many things to learn before he becomes wise, and find his life's purpose. He is drawn into plots within plots, of which he is not yet capable of understanding their significance to his own life and also the impact on his world.

On Happen's far away world, aliens walk amongst him with technology beyond his comprehension, and he has little clue as to the dangers they pose. I look forward to the next book, and recommend enjoying this beautifully written journey."

Kevin Seldomridge (posted on Amazon, 12/28/18)

"One measure of a good story is whether you want to know what happens next. Belief's Horizon measures up, as we follow Happen Fell through his first adventure. I like the openings of each chapter - excerpts from a book written about Happen's planet, which let us know that Happen is part of something bigger, and not just his own coming of age tale. For someone from the Pacific Northwest, I got a little thrill at details that include plant life I am familiar with.

How Happen handles the various adventures that come his way perfectly fit a young person his age - some bravado and a little uncertainty. I am looking forward to the next book in the series, because I really want to know what happens next!"

Kris (posted on Amazon, 1/2/19)

"What a fun read! I look forward to the next book in the series!

I. W. Ferguson created a place from whole cloth where young Happen Fell sets out on a journey that brings him to adulthood. The story has well developed characters, pays attention to detail and provides great transitions. The book is well written, easy to read and Ferguson uses verbal imagery that allows the reader to be there as the story unfolds. This same imagery allows the reader to relate to the emotions and experiences of the characters of the story.!"

Kevin A. (posted on Amazon, 10/31/18)

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